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About AIT


Started in 1990 as an in-house training division to cater requirement of skilled CAD resources, Access Institute of Technology - AIT has evolved as an educational wing of Access – Group. Initiating with Auto-CAD (R10 – Command Prompt version) to the latest release of professional CAD/CAE tools like Creo, Catia, Ansys etc we have trained several budding Engineers along with existing Industry users. We also have tie-up with major MNCs across Maharashtra for Client Site corporate training sessions for their new recruitments as well as for skill enhancement in advance options for existing users to efficiently using the improvements/new features provided in the new release of their CAD Platform.

With the addition of Steel detailing division under Access – Group, AIT has expanded its scope from training Civil Engineers on Auto-CAD for conventional submission drawing to serve a larger requirement of the Civil Industries related to Structural Detailing and Analysis.

Mission & Values


  • We want to become a globally respected training institution providing skilled CAD professionals for ER&D and Steel Detailing industries
  • Rich in quality
  • Delivered by a highly capable, experienced and passionate trainer


  • Knowledge sharing our mantra. – We believe sharing our knowledge is a way to achieve immortality.
  • We believe in learning together. – Every query raised by student is an opportunity for teachers to evaluate his subject knowledge.
  • Not just training. – We aim to enrich individuals, create successful professionals & careers for our students.


@ AIT Teaching is responsibility: We at AIT, believe teaching is Not Just A Profession for earning, it’s a responsibility to be a part in shaping the future of our students. We constantly endeavor to promote a healthy professional and interactive learning culture where quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Student Success = Quality measure: Success of our student is the measure of our quality. Our aim is to enrich the students with knowledge of industry standards and methodology followed in the use of CAD applications. For this purpose, we have enthusiastic Industrial working professional on the syllabus and practical building team.

Focus on Foundation: Understanding the command execution logic including all the sub-commands (check/uncheck options) along with the possible application on various industrial components is the foundation of mastering CAD application. With the availability of wide range of CAD applications, it’s not affordable neither required for students to learn all the programs. Our command centric training enables the student to get a better understanding of the features, thereby enabling self-learning and reducing the learning curve to understand other CAD platforms.

Quality – its journey Not destination: We believe there is always some scope and need for improvement. Our trainers along with self up-gradation of skill, regularly update the syllabus - practice components to include the new improvement/features coming in the new release of application.

Why AIT?

Experience With the training faculties having 10+ years of teaching experience, we have trained over 10,000 students including In-college training. As part of our On-Client Site Corporate training program, we have conducted over 100+ sessions for 2500+ working professionals. As a sales channel partner for CAD applications, we have successfully implemented CAD and PLM applications in major industries.

Customized Course Modules

CAD tools are widely used in various engineering sectors ranging from Home appliances to Electrical equipment's, Earth Moving Equipment's, Automobile, Aerospace and Bio-medical Instrumentation. Apart from our Basic and Advanced courses, we customize the course applications and contents to match the requirement of Industry and Individual.

Individual Training

As a fact no two individuals can learn at the same pace. At AIT, we focus on individual training instead of fixed group sessions. This helps our student to learn at his own pace and also provides them time flexibility in attending the training sessions.

Practice Practice and More Practice

Practice Practice and More Practice is the only way to master the CAD applications. Apart from regular practice sessions, students are allowed and encouraged to use our facility for extended practice sessions.


Our specially designed courses are a value for money. We consider discounts in case of group joining for a strength of minimum of 5 students. In genuine cases, he provide option for payment in fixed installments.